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We use stainless steel, gold plating and brass.

• 316 L stainless steel is used for its hypoallergenic qualities (absence of nickel), sturdiness and great resistance to oxidation thanks to the chromium that it is made of. The gilding is obtained by ionization. All these characteristics make Les Cleias jewelery your best everyday allies: they are highly durable and are ideal for sensitive skin. They can even be worn in the shower. In addition to these advantages, stainless steel is infinitely recyclable!

• Gold plating consists of electrolytically depositing a thin layer of gold on a metal base. At Les Cleias, the basis of our gold-plated jewelry is always brass. We have chosen to use 18-carat gold with a thickness of 3 microns to offer you the best quality at a low price and thus be able to benefit from the "gold-plated" designation. Do not confuse “gold-plated” and “fine gold-plated” jewelry: Les Cleias gold-plated jewelry has a much thicker layer of gold than fine gold-plated jewelry, which gives it great durability You can wear Les Cleias Gold Plated jewelry every day for many years!

• Brass, an alloy of pink copper and gray zinc, also called “yellow copper” has been known since the dawn of time. It is a metal which does not cause allergies, which is resistant and malleable as desired, which makes it possible to create patterns of great finesse. We use brass as such in our hair accessories, and as the basis of our gold-plated jewelry.

• The leather of our small leather goods is Italian. It comes from scraps of luxury leather goods. And because with a touch of creativity, nothing is lost, everything is transformed, our brooches are made from offcuts from our pouches!